Could Enfatico Really Be Gone in 6 Months?

By Matt Van Hoven 

Following up on Tuesday’s news that Enfatico underwent a round of layoffs that left 100 or so people without work, here’s what’s being said of the situation around the Web.

&#151 Brand Republic via George Parker: “My final forecast… Enfatico will be rolled into Grey or Y&R within six months… And the agency of the future will rapidly become the agency of the past.” Here’s their official piece.

&#151 Adweek via David Gianatasio and Eleftheria Parpis: They said nothing about the situation, just reported it.

&#151 AdAge via Rupal Parekh: “In a September sit-down interview with Ad Age, Mr. Boone said Enfatico had previously turned away some new-business opportunities, and estimated the agency would bring a new client onto its roster in six to nine months.”

&#151 B|Net via Jim Edwards: “Dell’s spending on SG&A has declined 12 percent over the last year. In Q3 it spent $1.6 billion. That was down from Q2 when it spent $1.8 billion. And that was down from Q1 when it spent $1.9 billion. It’s a pretty good bet that Dell’s Q4 earnings, out in a couple of days, will show another decline in the budget.”

&#151 Tribble Ad Agency via The Founder: “The reason Enfatico can be ‘called out’ is because it’s a single client ad agency, meaning just look at Dell’s financials to tell you what is going on at Enfatico. Numbers like this can (and normally are) hidden by other advertising agencies because they have other clients they can claim they are receiving funds from. Currently Enfatico has no such crutch. So what’s the answer?”

&#151 AdAged via GEO: “To the best of my knowledge, Enfatico has yet to produce a single ad for its only client, Dell. I’m sure that failure should not be borne by the people being schmised by the agency. I’m sure there are Enfatties at the ‘C-level’ shaking their heads, tsk-ing, destroying and expensing car-service to their country places.”

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