Cosette Scares Parents for Nature Valley

By Erik Oster 

Toronto-based agency Cosette launched a new campaign for granola bar brand Nature Valley exploring generational differences created by the advent of technology.

For the spot, the agency interviewed three generations of families, asking them what they do/did for fun as a kid. The older generations fondly remember playing outside and exploring, while the youngest generation expresses their love for video games, texting, and other digital activities.

As a message it is very on-brand, since Nature Valley is most often associated with outdoor activities (and has “Nature” right in its name). But the way Cosette delivers the message can get a bit heavy-handed and problematic. For instance, the background music changes from wistful and nostalgic while the older generations share their memories to dark and ominous when the kids explain they get lost in video games, or one girl claims “I would die without my tablet.” Instead of allowing the interviews to speak for themselves and offering a gentle reminder that time outside is important for kids, such choices render the spot overly didactic, even preachy. The ad ends with the message “Nature has always been an important part of childhood. Let’s make sure it doesn’t stop with us,” a message that would have been better served (and likely better received by younger viewers) if it were delivered in a more positive light. Following the ad, viewers are presented with call to “Rediscover the Joys of Nature,” with the brand offering nearby parks and activities and a social initiative asking viewers to share their experiences with hashtag #RediscoverNature.



Advertising Agency: Cossette, Toronto, Canada
Chief Creative Officers: Peter Ignazi, Carlos Moreno
Creative Directors: Ed Lea, Sean Barlow
Associate Creative Directors: Dhaval Bhatt, Yusong Zhang
Account Supervisors: Jamie Artkin, Jennifer Foster
Client Leader: Wendy Morgado
National Business Leader: Janis Lindenbergs
Strategy: Jason Chaney, Kevin McHugh
Production House: Nimble Content
Director: Matt Ogens
DOP: Jackson Parrell
Producer: Colleen Floyd
Editor: Chris Van Dyke
Editorial House: School Editing
Audio House: RMW
Music director: Ted Rosnick
Published: July 2015