Corona Light/Modelo Leaving GS&P

By Patrick Coffee 

corona light

Yes, our Wednesday post on rumors that some portion of the Corona business would be up for review was extremely vague. But we were correct: the beer’s parent company just announced that it will no longer be working with GS&P.

Our sources told us nothing about which parts of the business would be changing hands, but both GS&P and Constellation, which owns Corona and Modelo among other brands, told AdAge this afternoon that they had “mutually agreed to end their relationship.”


So Corona Light/Modelo has launched an agency review.

An unnamed GS&P spokesperson said:

“Both parties agree that it’s time for a change, and we wish them nothing but success in the years ahead.”

Cramer-Krasselt is apparently safe for now, as Corona Extra is not on the list of divisions seeking new creative representation. And while Modelo is less of a household name than Corona, it could be a big prize for whichever agency wins the forthcoming pitch: a year ago market watchers were already calling it “the new Corona” and noting that its sales increases were considerably higher than those of its sister brand. Modelo has yet to run a national TV campaign, so the winning agency will, in all likelihood, be responsible for launching that effort next year.

The AdAge piece tells us nothing about the shops that have already started pitching Constellation, but this week a source did mention the letters D, D, and B…