W+K, Oreo Relationship Concludes with ‘Super Important Test’

By Jordan Teicher 

In case you were wondering, the domain name www.superimportanttest.com is no longer available, thanks to W+K and Oreo, who bring us, yes, a “Super Important Test,” which as we imagine was the intention is hardly a test. You have two options (cookie or cream) and you’re correct either way. Get it?


Super Important Test” marks not only the conclusion of W+K’s Oreo’s “Cookie vs. Creme” campaign that began with the buzzed-about “Whisper Fight” spot from the Super Bowl and the subsequent “Separator Machine” clips, but the relationship between W+K and the Mondelez brand itself. As you may know, Draftfcb and now the Martin Agency work primarily on the Oreo account.

Anyhow, W+K curated quite a bit of content for the website–more than 30 different videos may play after you click cookie or creme–but this type of limited platform really begs the question: What’s the point? How does this sort of advertising advance the OREO brand in any meaningful way? I’m asking a serious question, not just trying to be glib, so if there is an answer, please post a comment.

Virality for the sake of virality is turning into a common approach for most creatives, and a website full of 30 unrelated internet videos that may or may not be funny seems like a great way to waste an advertising budget. Oreo was never going to choose cookie over cream or vice versa, but it didn’t have to choose. This is a case of a clever idea that simply ran out of ingredients.

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Creative Director: Jason Bagley / Craig Allen

Digital Director: Matt O’Rourke

Copywriter, Digital Creative: Jarrod Higgins

Art Director: Ruth Bellotti

Account Team: Scott Sullivan / Jessie Young / Ken Smith

Broadcast Producer: Katie Reardon

Broadcast Production Director: Ben Grylewicz

Interactive Producer: Robbie Veltman

Exec Interactive Producer: Lori DeBortoli

Information Architect: Jake Doran

Digital Designer: Paul Levy

Creative Technologist: Ryan Bowers / Billy McDermott

Executive Creative Directors: Joe Staples / Susan Hoffman