Consumers Distressed By Rat-in-Mouth Ad

By Matt Van Hoven 

We showed you this ad awhile ago, and it is still just as gross. Who wants to see a dude pull a live rat out of his mouth? Well now people have seen it and like, 50 of them are making a ruckus and complaining to the European Alliance for Access to Safe Medicines.

Clearly this ad has achieved its intended goal. Created by a drug maker Pfizer, the spot is intended to alert consumers to the dangers of buying/using prescription medication from online vendors. And while you won’t soon be pulling a live rat from your mouth if you take one, you may be putting rat poison in your body. People have died from using these sites, so get your Viagra elsewhere, mmk? Like, from the doctor.

Sex is expensive for a reason. If you buy cheap Viagra your penis may as well fall off. Now that’d be a distressing ad.


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