Conran Goes Toe To Toe

By SuperSpy 

Speaking of Havas, Sir Terence Conran is digging in for a fight. If you recall, Conran, the designer and restaurateur, is all pissed that Havas, who bought his firm the Conran Design Group, is planning on an expansion of the firm despite Terence owning a new namesake shop. In retaliation, the designers has threatened to conduct “product quality raids” on the French advertising group’s offices.

Conran Group chief executive Roger Mavity penned a letter to Chris Pinnington, chief operating officer of Euro RSCG, that reminded him that they retain the right to vet and reject work done under the Conran Design Group name.


Life lesson: if someone tries to buy your name, think twice or end up like Conran who “who admitted Havas is legally allowed to use the name, has said he would pay a “modest amount” to buy back the brand name.”