Confessions Of An Advertising Insider

By SuperSpy 

Ugh. I find this piss taking BBC video featuring an “ad insider” so depressing. Yeah. Everyone hates advertising. Advertising is uncreative and full of stolen ideas. Advertising is homogenized, blah, blah. It’s always been easy to beat up on our industry, but right now, with the economic climate, the internet, mega-brands and broken death star agencies, we’re most certainly the lame dog of the pack.

Just as I felt that this pain amplifier of a video was going to crush me, a ray of light appeared.


Near the end of the video, host Charlie Brooker asks the concealed advertising insider what the future of the industry looks like. The insider says “no one knows.” And you know what? I thought, hell yeah. No one knows what the future of this business looks like and that’s awesome. The future is wide open and waiting.

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