Conference Call: The Engagement Debate

By SuperSpy 

Conference schmonference. Well, usually, but right now, we’re trying to snag some free tickets for the upcoming Engagement Debate on February 20th. Since you aren’t a blogger and probably make a decent salary, you can get your legit tickets here.

Hosted by Rob Norman, Global Interaction CEO, GroupM and with Event Chair, Ian Schafer, CEO, Deep Focus, the events will “bring together some of the most innovative media executives, digital marketers, and thought leaders in our industry to debate: The right way and wrong way to create, measure and price engagement in a digital world.”

Fist fight anyone? Nah, but we wish.

Panelists include:

Colleen DeCourcy, Chief Digital Officer, TBWA
Quentin George, Chief Digital Officer, Universal McCann
Nada Stirratt, SVP MTVN
Adam Gerber, CMO, Quantcast
Jennifer Betka, SVP Veoh
Chris George, VP of Client Solutions, Fox Interactive Media
Abbey Klassen, Digital Editor, Advertising Age
Riccardo Zane, President, New York
Erin Matts, Group Director, Strategy, OMD

Just a quick question – the event has something called a “green” sponsor who is MediaMath. The company is kind of like a Frank and Lillian Gilbreth for advertising. There’s nothing overtly green about them. Are they paying to make the event “pseudo-green” with carbon offsetting? Are they buying everyone Brita bottles, so there aren’t plastic empties everywhere? Are they just green, because someone decided they didn’t like silver? A little help please.