Commonwealth/McCann Highlight Chevy’s Tech Cred

By Patrick Coffee 

You’re almost certainly aware that General Motors is currently suffering through a scandal created by its lack of tech savvy. Yet, even as the terrible PR is somehow increasing sales numbers for the automaker, a new spot created by Commonwealth/McCann indicates that Chevrolet wants customers to know that it’s moving on. In fact, we might say that the brand has begun “a new journey.”

This spot is ostensibly all about the 4G Wi-Fi available in new models, but in a larger sense it’s about how Chevrolet is moving forward on all cylinders and bringing its customers along for the ride.

The July 4th debut was no accident, either: as Chevy’s VP of Marketing puts it, “What better time than the Fourth of July to celebrate the new independence that Chevrolet provides”…via working Wi-Fi.

In order to reinforce this point, the team at Commonwealth/McCann Detroit adroitly make the sort of “that was then, this is now” juxtapositions that one sees in many campaigns for products with tech components.


Credits after the jump.

“A New Journey”


Agency: Commonwealth//McCann, Detroit

Chief Creative Officer – Global: Andreas Dahlqvist

Chief Creative Officer- North America: Gary Pascoe 

Creative Director/Copywriter: Duffy Patten 

Creative Director/Art Director: Bob Guisgand 

Chief Production Officer: Brian Dilorenzo

Director of Content: Jeff Beverly

Senior Producer: Chris Ott

Business Manager: Julie Peterhans

Global Director of Strategy: Conner Huber

Strategy Director: Tracy Aronoff

Executive Director of Global Ops: Kate MacNevin

SVP, Managing Director: Sharon Wacker

Account Director: Jacqueline Redmond

Account Supervisor: Eugene Furman

Assistant Account Executive: Ken Hansen

Product Insights Director: Eric Singer

Product Insights: Ian McGuire

Business Affairs: Jeanette Foy


Production Company: Anonymous Content


Director: Malcolm Venville

Executive Producer: Eric Stern

Line Producer: Scott Kaplan

Director of Photography: Paul Cameron


Editorial:  Arcade


Editor: Christjan Jordan

Executive Producer: Nicole Visram

Visual Effects:  The Mill Los Angeles

Music:  Asche & Spencer