Commonwealth McCann Launches ‘Theme Song’ for Chevy Colorado

By Erik Oster 

Commonwealth McCann launched a new spot for the Chevrolet Colorado entitled “Theme Song,” which will be “inserted into high profile programming throughout January and February in high rotation” beginning with the 30-second version above and followed by a 45-second version paired with 15-second reprise airing later this month.

The spot uses music to demonstrate the difference between a “Car Guy” and “Truck Guy” by giving them very different theme music. “Theme Song” opens on a man driving to work in an ordinary sedan. As he parks his car and walks into the building, The Carpenters’ 1971 hit “Rainy Days and Sundays” plays (a street band also performs the song as the man walks in). As he gets in the elevator, the ad’s “Truck Guy” is exiting, to the tune of AC/DC’s “Back in Black.” The man receives a seductive glance from a woman as he walks out, followed by the street band performing the song and it hitting full gear as he gets in his Chevrolet Colorado.


The ad follows up on the “Focus Groups” spot which introduced the “You Know You Want A Truck” campaign and the new focus on the difference in perception between men who drive trucks and men who drive cars (Chevrolet apparently does not care if women drive or want to drive its trucks). Like that ad, “Theme Song” posits that guys who drive trucks are perceived as more attractive, adventurous and resourceful. This is reinforced through the stereotypical songs used to represent the two men, as well as slightly more subtle cues such as a more straight-laced haircut for the car driver and the fact that he, unlike the truck driver, wears a tie. The approach worked slightly better with the documentary style of “Focus Groups” as the motivations behind “Theme Song” are transparent and the execution painfully obvious. It doesn’t help that “Back in Black” — one of the most played out songs in advertising (or elsewhere, really) — was chosen to represent Chevy’s “Truck Guy” either.


Creative Chairman: Linus Karlsson

Chief Creative Officer, Global: Andreas Dahlqvist

Chief Creative Officer, North America: Gary Pascoe

Creative Director/Copywriter: Duffy Patten, Gary Pascoe

Creative Director/Art Director: Bob Guisgand, Andreas Dahlqvist

EVP, Chief Production Officer: Brian DiLorenzo

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Executive Director of Global Operations: Kate MacNevin

Managing Director, North America: Sharon Wacker

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