Commonwealth Drives Out New Chevy Campaign During Grammys

By Jordan Teicher 

John Cusack wants to know: “Why just go from A to B when imagination can take you everywhere?” It’s a valid question, especially coming from the guy who played Lloyd Dobler. Would  the boombox move from Say Anything exist with conventional thinking?

The tagline is the adspeak centerpiece of Commonwealth’s new Chevrolet campaign titled “Find New Roads.” The 90-second spot premiered last night alongside irresponsible tweets about Katy Perry‘s cleavage and Justin Timberlake’s bad haircut. Chevy’s ad acts as a trailer for what’s to come, showing off the Volt, Spark, Sonic, Impala, and Stingray. There’s also a robotic pet dog and a doe interacting, which may be awkward symbolism for combining technology and nature, but we can just pretend that part doesn’t exist. The response thus far has been positive, and the ad already racked up a six-figure view count on Youtube.


It makes sense for Commonwealth to jump outside the box. The agency, which unites folks from Goodby and McCann, was born thanks to unconventional thinking from ex-GM CMO Joel Ewanick, who didn’t want to waste money on Super Bowl ad space. One could easily see “Find New Roads” debuting during last week’s game, but it didn’t have to compete with farmers and sloppy kissing noises. GM fired Ewanick last summer, but his auto agency and some of his ideas are still in play, apparently.

I guess he didn’t try the boombox move with GM’s senior leadership. Credits after the jump.

Chief Creative Officer: Linus Karlsson

Chief Creative Officer: Jeff Goodby

Executive Creative Director: Matt Canzano

Executive Creative Director: Andreas Dahlqvist

Creative Director: Larry Frey

Chief Production Officer: Brian DiLorenzo

Director of Content: Jeff Beverly

Senior Producer: Stacey Gizinski

Senior Producer: Tricia Hoover

Senior Producer: Kelly Balagna

Executive Music Producer: Peter Gannon

Senior Business Affairs Manager: Deborah McCauley

Business Affairs Manager: Stacy Swann

Volt Segment

Director Volt, Smuggler: Brian Beletic

Executive Producer/Partner Smuggler: Patrick Milling Smith & Brian Carmody

Executive Producer/COO Smuggler: Lisa Rich

Executive Producer Smuggler: Allison Kunzman

Executive Producer Smuggler: Laura Thoel

Line Producer Volt: Leslie Chilcott

DOP Volt: Martin Ruhe

Spark Segment

Director Spark, Elastic/Pecubu: Angus Wall

Executive Producer Elastic/Pecubu: Jennifer Sofio

Executive Producer Elastic/Pecubu: Megan Meloth

Producer Elastic/Pecubu: Melinda Nugent

Producer Elastic/Pecubu: Jason Sterman

DOP Spark: Sal Totino

Sonic and Impala Segments

Director Sonic and Impala, Smuggler: Filip Engstrom

Producer Sonic, Smuggler: Patrick Fischer

Producer Impala, Smuggler: Dave Bernstein

DOP Sonic: Ulrik Bentzen

DOP Impala: Par Ekberg

Corvette Segment

Director Corvette, MJZ: Nicolai Fuglsig

President, MJZ: David Zander

Executive Producer, Corvette, MJZ: Emma Wilcockson

Producer, Corvette, MJZ: Suza Horvat

DOP Corvette: Robert Elswit


Anthem, Volt, Impala and Sonic segments

Editor, General Editorial: Noah Herzog

Executive Producer: Robert Parker

Spark segment

Editor, Rock Paper Scissors: Jamie Foord

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Executive Producer: Carol Lynn Weaver

Corvette segment

Editor, Rock Paper Scissors: Ted Guard

Executive Producer: Linda Carlson

Executive Producer: Carol Lynn Weaver

FX and Post

Anthem, Volt, Sonic, Impala segments

Creative Directors The Mill LA: Robert Sethi & Phil Crowe

Corvette Segment

VFX Supervisor The Mill NY Ben Smith & Angus Kneal

Spark Segment

VFX Supervisor A52: Andy McKenna

Music and Sound Design

Mixer Lime Studios: Loren Silber

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Volt Segment
Music: “Heavenly Day” original recording by Patty Griffin

Sound Design Jafbox Sound: Joseph Fraloli

Spark Segment

Music: “Cha Cha Cha” original recording by Jimmy Luxury

Sonic Segment

Music: “All Around the World” original recording by Theopholis London

Sound Design Henryboy: Bill Chesney

Impala Segment

Music: “Fly me to the Moon” original recording by Frank Sinatra

Corvette Segment

Music/Composer: Cliff Martinez

Sound Design Sound Deluxe: Lon Bender and Harry

Voiceover John Cusack