Collins Launches First Foray Into Advertising for Shyp

By Erik Oster 

The San Francisco office of brand and experience design company* Collins launched a holiday campaign for Shyp which represents the first foray into advertising for the startup shipping company launched by former software engineer Kevin Gibbon in 2013. 

“We’ll Take It From Here” delivers the brand’s promise to consumers, shipping items within 20 minutes by coming directly to you, in a clear and direct way. With Shyp, the voiceover explains, there’s “no need for a box, no need for a post office.” That’s a pretty good selling point, which makes the direct, no-frills approach an appropriate way to get the word out, and with the holidays around the corner the timing is pretty perfect. While Shyp operates in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago, the campaign, especially the supporting OOH elements, is mostly focused on New York.

“It’s pretty rare for a company of our size to do a big brand spend, so we’re focusing on New York so we can do a power test,” Shyp head of marketing Lauren Sherman explained to Adweek, adding that Shyp decided it was time to advertise because “the brand’s story wasn’t being told.”

*Their words.