Colenso BBDO, DB Export Promote Non-Alcoholic Beverages

By Erik Oster 

Colenso BBDO launched a campaign for DB Export, following up on the DB Export Brewtroleum effort with the introduction of DB Export 0.0% Citrus.

Before you ask, the narrator is definitely not The Most Interesting Man in the World. He just really likes non-alcoholic beverages.

Like its predecessor, DB Export 0.0% Citrus utilizes leftover yeast from the brewing process for clean-burning biofuel. The difference is that the new citrus lager contains 0.0% alcohol, so it can be enjoyed without the limitations of an alcoholic beverage.

We’re pretty curious as to how all alcohol is removed from the beer (even non-alcoholic beers have a small percent leftover) but the benefits of the new product are clear and extend the potential reach and impact of the Brewtroleum effort.


In a 45-second spot, “No One In Particular” explains DB Export’s previous effort and how now “Everyone can help” before asking “Will you?” and depicting a pilot, surgeon and construction worker partaking. Another spot focuses on the surgeon who can reach for the beverage, rather than the alcoholic beer that society (rightfully) doesn’t think he should down before performing a delicate medical procedure.

It’s straightforward but memorable enough, as most viewers have (hopefully) not seen a pilot or surgeon chugging a beer on the job.


Advertiser: Maud Mejiboom-van Wel, Sean O’Donnell & Tony Wheeler
Creative Agency: Colenso BBDO
Director: Tim Bullock
Production Company: Scoundrel