Coke Zero Invites You to Dance

By Bob Marshall 

Do you like dancing alone in front of a camera? Do you enjoy movies about dancing and nothing else? Do you love Internet challenges for zero-calorie soft drinks? In the case, does Coke Zero have the star-studded Internet dance challenge for you!

None other than John Chu, director of such cinematic classics as Justin Bieber: Never Say Never and Step Up 2: The Streets, and his dance crew, The LXD (Legion of Extraordinary Dancers), are teaming up with Coke Zero and Ogilvy Paris for the “Create a Dance from Zero” campaign. All you have to do is “choose your beat” from one of Coke Zero’s pre-selected songs you’ve never heard of, record a video of yourself dancing in a silly new way and send it to Coke Zero. What do you win? Well, the campaign’s website mentions “getting noticed” and “meeting that special someone,” but it doesn’t look like anything tangible. It’s cheaper that way, right?

Throughout the “competition” (dance is about the love, man, not the accolades), the LXD crew will comment on the videos. We have a challenge for you: turn the above video up at full volume and see if you can last the full two minutes.