Coca-Cola, Daft Punk Unite to Form ‘Daft Coke’

By Bob Marshall 

French electro-house pioneers and robotic brains behind the Tron: Legacy original score, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk are continuing their time spent in the international limelight by partnering with Coca-Cola.

“Daft Coke” will be released next month in two limited edition silver and gold-colored to represent each member’s robot helmet color. The bottles from Parisian boutique Colette will be available at clubs and in box sets, which collectors will undoubtedly pay top dollar to scoop up. There are Coca-Cola nerds, and there are Daft Punk nerds. The two coming together could mean the end of society as we know it.


Either way, getting Daft Punk to stand behind your brand is a huge “get” for Coke, as the duo historically picks the brands they associate with very carefully. Watch the teaser video below, which also features an appearance from the duo’s rumored alter ego, The Third Twin. Yes, the Daft Punk mythology is a bit confusing.