Closed For Business: Ad-Fax

By SuperSpy 

Twenty-year old Ad-Fax, a premier Iowa based agency with $3.7M in billings, is closing its doors. Chief executive, Chris Harshbarger, cited the decline in automotive business and his personal health issues as the main reasons for shuttering the shop. He told the local paper that:

Harsbarger said that: “I look to the community to help all unemployed find a place to land, and pray the employees who leave our company will find employment that takes advantage of their tremendous talent.”


The shop was founded in 1989 and has since taken on national brands and political campaigns, as well as local community based endeavors from city job creation to bring attention to the financial problems of the local Boys and Girls Club.

“The natural inclination is to look at the business closure as a failure. I can’t look at this as a failure, if I’m honestly considering all the things our company has been able to involve itself with. The kindness and overwhelming gestures from our vendors and our customers just leaves us without words to express our appreciation.”

We wish the remaining employees at Ad-Fax the best of luck.

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