Clive Owen Goes Rogue for a Clone in BMW’s New 13-Minute Film

By Patrick Coffee 

Back in September we learned that BMW Films would be getting the band back together after several years off the touring circuit, and today sees the debut of the new spot starring Clive Owen with — as noted — many veterans of Fallon and the initial BMW Films project behind the camera.

Unlike the vast majority of ads, this one really is a “short film” at 13-plus minutes. Yes, there is some sci-fi involved; the phrase “human cloning” pops up before the minute mark, and we kept waiting for Tom Cruise to appear for some reason since he is the world’s only remaining asexual action movie star. It seems like the Dakota Fanning character is a clone that Owen is supposed to deliver to someone who paid a lot of money for her until he grows a heart, etc.

Whatever, that doesn’t matter. Just remember that this is all about selling fancy cars. It’s so easy to forget, especially when shit blows up around 2:45 as he decides (maybe?) to deliver Lilly to the doctor who created her.

You know what, though? There were a lot of very flattering shots of the car. And we were also kind of reminded of a time when people openly drove Humvees.


Our readers will probably be most interested to note that BMW’s agency of record KBS+ was nowhere near this project. We’re told that the client really wanted to “reunite the original crew” behind the BMW Films unit’s 2001 debut “The Escape” and that the decision to do so didn’t have to do with the KBS relationship so much as the fact that the whole project just turned a wrinkly 15 years old.

As svp Hildegard Wortmann said in a press statement: “When we commissioned ‘The Escape,’ our only direction was that the story remain of utmost importance—and that it should live up to the standards set by ‘The Hire.'”

Anyway, Clive Owen is great. Please renew The Knick, Cinemax.

Now for the part you really care about: the credits.


Client: BMW
Title: The Escape
Agency: Geisel Productions
Creative Directors: Bruce Bildsten and David Carter
Writers: Bruce Bildsten and David Carter
Executive Producer: Brian DiLorenzo
Senior Integrated Producer: Adam Davis
Producer: Patrick O’Brien
BA: TEAM Companies
Production Company: Anonymous Content
Director: Neill Blomkamp
Managing Director / Executive Producer: Eric Stern
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Head of Production: Kerry Haynie
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Action Supervisor/2nd Unit Director: Guy Norris
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Editorial:  Rock Paper Scissors
Supervising Editor: Angus Wall
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Cutting Assistant: Martin Hsieh
Executive Producer: Helena Lee/ Jennifer Sofio Hall
Producer: Dina Ciccotello
Music:  Kristopher Pooley
Finishing / VFX:   Embassy and A52
Flame Artist: Dan Ellis
Executive Producer: Patrick Nugent
Head of Production: Kim Christensen
Post Producer: Victoria Burkhart
Post Producer: Heather Johann
VFX Supervisor: Chris Harvey
Color : CO3
Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld
Executive Producer: Rhubie Jovanov
Audio Mix : Formosa Group Mix
Audio Engineer: Mark Mangini

Sound Design: David Whitehead

—Additional Credits

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Behind The Scenes Director / DP: Patrick Pierson
Producer: Beth Wilson

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