Clever Grammy Cross-Promo? B.O.B. Performs ‘Airplanes’ During Delta Flight

By Michael Musco 

Rapper Bobby Ray Simmons, otherwise known as B.O.B, surprised fans by singing his Grammy-nominated single “Airplanes” over the loudspeaker on a recent Delta flight to LAX.

Most would say that’s really cool of him for giving the passengers such a nice treat and something unique to talk about other than turbulence and the crying baby behind them, but of course, there’s an underlying message here.

With Delta being the official airline sponsor of the 53nd Grammy awards, this event could be construed as a plug for the airline/show. You think the artist was just bored and decided he wanted to sing on an airplane loudspeaker? He’s not Kayne after all. You guys already know there’s a reason for everything so we applaud Delta for this sneaky viral piece and all its irony in tow.