CKE Parts Ways with D&G

By Kiran Aditham 

Well, we have to say this took us somewhat by surprise when we first started hearing rumblings about it earlier today. But after less than a year, CKE Restaurants has indeed ended its relationship with David&Goliath, which had been pushing out work for Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s in droves over the past several months (examples here and here and one of the most recent spots above). Anyhow, here’s a statement from D&G founder/CCO David Angelo, who was told about the client’s decision this afternoon (and is appropriately “shocked” according to sources):

“We had an amazing run with CKE and helped them achieve their second most successful burger launch in the last decade, with the Turkey Burger. The Turkey Burger launch reversed Carl’s Jr.’s declining sales and substantially increased the positive momentum of Hardee’s sales. We wish them well and will continue to pursue brands that embrace our Brave philosophy. We certainly have an appetite for fast-food.”


At the end of 2010, El Segundo, CA-based David&Goliath beat out the likes of incumbent Mendelsohn Zien for CKE creative duties.

Update: Just a quick follow-up. Sources familiar with the matter confirm that, yes, 72andSunny is in fact “expanding its relationship” with CKE (it already handles digital work for Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s as you may know). A few spies tell us that the MDC agency was originally on CKE’s shortlist for creative AOR during last year’s review, but the company eventually opted for D&G.