Citigroup Can Shove It. We’re Going With Kool Moe Dee.

By SuperSpy 

“Advertising in the U.S. may not recover until 2010 if businesses wait for the economy to bounce back before boosting marketing spending, analysts at Citigroup Inc. said. Ad spending across all media, including print, broadcast and the Internet, may fall 1.8 percent this year and 3.6 percent in 2009, Citigroup’s Catriona Fallon and her colleagues said in a report yesterday.”

First it was that it wouldn’t recover until late 2008, then 2009, then late 2009. You know what… Citigroup can shove it. What do you know? You couldn’t even predict the giant, groundbreaking, worldwide credit crisis. Missed that did ya’? So you know what? We’re advertising and we’re saying that we can do this. Play time is over. We’re going to go work just like Kool Moe Dee said. Yeah, some of us may falter, but we’re gonna be aiight.

We’re so much more bad ass than you think. We ain’t beat yet.

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