Cindy Gallop Explains Why She Won’t Write About the Kevin Roberts Story

By Erik Oster 

In a Facebook post written this morning, Cindy Gallop explains that, while she will give interviews, she’s refusing all requests to write about the Business Insider interview with Kevin Roberts.

In the interview, Roberts controversially said the gender diversity debate is “over” and that Gallop has “problems that are of her own making.” The piece, as you are almost certainly aware, subsequently led to the Saatchi chairman being asked to take a leave of absence.

Gallop’s response this morning: “I have more critical things to focus my time, effort, energy and mindspace on.”

White men in our industry are paid millions to do the wrong thing. Nobody’s paying me anything to do the right thing,” Gallop explains.

Gallop FB post

So as long as she’s not being hired to sit on the boards of agencies and holding companies or consult with those same businesses, she will focus on her own work, including trying to get various parties to book her for speaking appearances in which she will address gender diversity issues.

Gallop has already discussed the issue at length on Twitter. And she will presumably continue to use her position as a public figure to bring greater attention to future agency hiring announcements, either because they concern women in prominent positions or because the ratio of the individuals involved still skews heavily toward the white men mentioned above.

This was indeed an interesting weekend.