Chris Wiggins Calls it a Day at Crispin

By Kiran Aditham 

It’s been a day of arrivals and departures at camp Crispin. Just hours after the agency announced new interactive ACD hires, we’ve been informed by creative director Chris Wiggins that he is leaving CP+B in a few weeks’ time.

Why is he leaving the agency not even a year after joining and especially when “everything is going great?” According to Wiggins, he wants to “try something different” outside of the ad agency world and is “going to take some time off” to figure things out. Wiggins, who spent a good portion of his career as a CD at Fallon, tells us he’s leaving on good terms though Crispin execs like Rob Reilly and Andrew Keller “wished that I didn’t feel this way.” But he adds, “It’s so much easier to take when you’re not going to a rival agency. If I could be happy in advertising anywhere, it would be [at Crispin]. This on paper is the perfect spot.”


After he leaves his “perfect spot”, while contemplating his future, Wiggins also mentioned to us that he’s taking a cue perhaps from current industry trends and will crowdsource his career. He offers a little brief here.

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