Chris Bosh Steals Kids for Foot Locker

By Jordan Teicher 

We’ve seen James Harden tear away a warm-up beard and trade an entourage member to Kris Humphries in past Foot Locker commercials, but in the latest effort from BBDO New York, for Kids Foot Locker this time around, Miami Heat All-Star Chris Bosh rounds up some youngsters and takes them to his team’s training facility.

Seriously, where are the parents? Tick Tock, Pork Chop, Sizzle, and Rick Springfield just roam the streets without supervision? Also, when Bosh says he “rounded up” other kids because of “fresh gear” at a Kids Foot Locker, nobody recognized how high this ranks on the Unintentional Comedy Scale?


This ad isn’t as clever as the Harden spots, but Ray Allen is involved, so that makes it okay in my book. And I mean the real Ray Allen, not Tick Tock. Credits after the jump.

Chief Creative Officer:                                     David Lubars
Senior Creative Director:                                 Chris Beresford-Hill

Senior Creative Director:                                 Dan Lucey

Art Director:                                                     Matt Sorrell

Copywriter:                                                      Jessica Coulter


Director of Integrated Production:                   Dave Rolfe

Executive Producer:                                         Dan Blaney

Junior Producer:                                              Mona Lisa Farrokhnia


Worldwide Senior Account Director:                Troy Tarwater

Senior Account Director:                                 Brad Groves

Account Director:                                             Janelle Van Wonderen

Account Executive:                                          Nick Robbins


Production Company:                                      Biscuit

Director:                                                           Aaron Stoller