Chop Shop?

By Agent C 

Hmm… there’s been some buzz about Hyundai and Goodby’s rocky relationship as of late. Kinda makes you wonder if the shop actually got too much of a good thing when it won Sprint and the aforementioned car manufacturer back to back.

Apparently, Hyundai Motor Company’s dealers don’t want Goodby as their agency. They feel the advertising currently being done doesn’t properly connect with their consumers.

And dealers ALWAYS know what’s good for business, right?

Hopefully, Goodby can address their concerns and show them how to do right by their business. Steering around dealership associations is a tricky business, unfortunately. They cause the deaths of more good automotive campaigns every year…

A dealer couldn’t acknowledge good creative even if it rabidly ripped off his left butt cheek, slapped it down on his lap, and then said “hi. I’m good creative. I’m the one who just ripped off your left butt cheek.”

Sad but true. Let’s all not forget the unfortunate dealer-butt-cheek-dismemberment incident at Fiat in the late 70s.