Choose America’s Next Top Ad Bachelor

By SuperSpy 

Just what the ad business needs. Another popularity contest. Welcome to the weird world of America’s Next Top Ad Bachelor (ANTAB) – a new competition hosted by an anonymous blogger who is asking for your votes in calling the winner.

“America’s Next Top Ad Bachelor follows a group of young men of various backgrounds, shapes and sizes who work together in a America and vie for the title of ANTAB. The competition exposes the transformation of everyday ad men into potentially fierce Adbach’s, with participants facing weekly tests that determine who can make the cut.”


See? Economic depression spurs creativity. Um, of all kinds. The guys in the running include: TBWA’s Rob Baird; Andrew Michaeloff a sales rep at Partizan; Greg Tharp of CP+B and some other guys. I’m all for good fun. I’m all for looking at cute guys, but I beg whomever created this site – make it a little less confusing? Maybe employ an online poll system for voting? How about some commentary on each guy? If you’re going to do it and send it around to people, then really do it, you know?

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