Chobani Gives Parents Yet Another Reason to Photograph Their Kids

By Jordan Teicher 

Big Spaceship and Chobani know the best way to get products to children is by reaching out to parents. Moms and dads around the world are always on the lookout for healthy snacks that their kids love. Now, those parents not only get to keep their kids happy, but they get to commiserate on Facebook with their sleep-deprived brethren.

Chobani Champions just launched a “Win the Day” photo campaign on Facebook where parents share pictures of their kids overcoming daily challenges. If those pictures include smiling children eating Chobani products, that probably won’t hurt either. The Chobani Champions Photo Studio gives parents the ability to add custom filters, frames, and text to each picture.


The Chobani Champions photo project is smart, savvy, and PG-rated, perfect ingredients to ensure that parents keep reaching into their wallets to spend money on Greek yogurt for their children.

Until recently, Greek yogurt mainly appealed to the bourgeoisie, frou-frou crowd looking to stay healthy. Well, Chobani is no longer only approved for adults, because those same bourgeoisie, frou-frou adults have bourgeoisie kids who need to be healthy, too. If fruit-filled low-fat yogurt will keep little Billy from wanting to eat chicken fingers and pizza every afternoon, then Chobani has done its job.

For those of us without babies, we can look the other way. But it’s not hard to see why parents might get their mom-jeans in a bunch over this campaign: they get to post pics of their own cute (subjective) kids and point out all the other children who aren’t as cute.