Chipotle Gives You George Saunders on a Cup

By Patrick Coffee 

Advertising may not be art, but can it at least be literature?

According to Vanity Fair, one Jonathan Safran Foer–dietary scold, wearer of spectacles, and owner of ridiculously expensive apartments–just happened to be eating an ethically farmed vegetarian burrito one day when he took a moment to bemoan the lack of intellectual distractions inside his local Chipotle.

While he “wanted to die with frustration”, he instead took the opportunity to contact friend/CEO/fellow rich person Steve Ells and recommend that he mix a bit of wordplay with his black beans and pulled pork.


Here’s the video:

And yes, there’s a GIF of a spinning cup after the jump.


We know Chipotle is famous for shunning traditional agencies, hence the above footage of the in-house design team working on masterpieces destined to be covered in grease and free-range chicken bits.

Some have protested the fact that the lineup of featured writers has more than its share of middle-aged white dudes, and we do wonder how many fast-food customers will take the time to read an entire Michael Lewis essay (even if it is only 500 words).

But it’s Friday and we feel forgiving, so we’ll say that if the “tough client” company moves beyond producing Hulu series and one-off viral “content marketing” CAA campaigns, projects like this one might be pretty cool to work on.