Chicago’s Home Run Inn Urges Awful Filmmaking in ‘Halloween Video Challenge’

By Bob Marshall 

It’s hard to resist a Halloween-themed campaign no matter how ill-conceived it is. Along with being National Country Ham Month and National Toilet Tank Repair Month (seriously), October is also National Pizza Month. To celebrate this special occasion, Chicag-based brand Home Run Inn is asking for amateur horror filmmakers to submit videos emphasizing their love of pizza and gore. Though, if you’re the kind of person who would participate in such a stupid thing, you probably already know about it.

Along with their agency, Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide, this year marks the third “Halloween Video Challenge.” This time around, the grand prize is $2500 and a pizza party for 25 of your closest friends. The top 15 finalists will get a year’s supply of Home Run Inn pizza and a Flip video camera to up the production value of your movies if you decide to enter again next year. This would also suggest that more than 15 people annually have this much time on their hands to sit down and make one of these videos.


So, if you have an unhealthy obsession with pizza, gory B-movies, or just need a little more evidence that USC was correct in denying you acceptance to their film school, this could be the contest for you. Or, you can just go as a giant slice of pizza for Halloween. The choice is yours. Click here to submit.

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