Chicago Does Work With The Chicago Portfolio School

By Kaitlin Madden 

After doing some digging, we’ve learned that the Chicago Portfolio School has teamed with ad agency Downtown Partners Chicago for its quarterly ad-competition, The Royale Rumble. DPC will officially sponsor the project, according to Jim Schmidt, a partner at the agency.

An AgencySpy post on the Chicago Portfolio School earlier this month- highlighting the Chicago community’s lack of involvement with the school’s competition, prompted DPC’s Royale Rumble query.


“I’ve taught at the school before and have always been a fan of what [they] are doing. When I saw the piece in AgencySpy, I felt like we should help. I’m glad we did,” Schmidt said in an email. “I briefed the students last week and I can tell that we’re going to benefit from both their energy and their ideas. The program at CPS seems to get better and better with each passing year.”

A rep for the Chicago Portfolio School said that they are also very excited about the partnership.

Additional sources tell AgencySpy that the students Royale Rumble work may center around Downtown Partners’ Walgreens account.

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