Chew on This, Saatchi

By Matt Van Hoven 

To follow up on our earlier post about the JCPenney spot by Epoch, we’ve got a much more interesting tidbit. We hear Saatchi knew about the fakery, and actually created a number of fake pieces in hopes of gaining recognition. Eew, stinky.

“Saatchi most certainly knew about the fake JC Penney ad. Everything Saatchi did under Granger was fake. This one example is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s a great story just waiting to be blown wide open. Crest was fake. Buckley’s Cough Syrup was fake. Stuffit Deluxe was fake. All made for award shows just to win some medal.”

If anyone cares to expound on this, our Saatchi spy is home sick today. Sick, sick, sick if this really went down, especially considering the writeup in Adweek that will undoubtedly hurt Epoch (from the client perspective) and maybe get them some props from fellow addies.