Chevy Silverado Pitchmen = Gay?

By Kiran Aditham 

That’s the somewhat far-fetched (IMO) interpretation from Forbes writer Joann Muller, who claims the characters in this new Chevy Silverado campaign are just “a couple of beefy gay guys poking fun at truck enthusiasts.” Really?

David Puddy aka Patrick Warburton and Hot Tub Time Machine/The Office‘s Craig Robinson play Duramax Diesel and Alison Transmission, respectively, and judging by the 3 1/2-minute web-based clip above, we’re not sure how Muller came up with this conclusion save for perhaps the final 10 seconds. Sure, it’s not the usual Denis Leary-voiced, testosterone fueled truck ads we’re used to seeing while chugging beer and downing chips during a football game, but we’re missing the innuendo and/or any real obvious allusions to sexual orientation within this clip–which is not all that funny to begin with.


Still, it’s an interesting play for Campbell-Ewald, which is perhaps celebrating its swan song with the Chevrolet brand by going against type and reeling in notable names to reach and perhaps prod the tough guy demo (where we’re sure there’s a little homophobia in tow). Muller, though, wonders if this is C-E’s way of “sabotaging” Chevy trucks as it closes the door, but like her, we think that’s even too devious for an agency that’s perhaps grasping at straws at the moment (and  even if the characters are gay, why would that equal sabotage?).

In a statement,  Campbell-Ewald CEO Bill Ludwig tells Forbes, “This campaign is a complete departure from traditional heavy duty truck creative, driven by humor, to bring to light the insight of how the target relates to one another and to their truck.” What do you think? Check out campaign hub here and two more spots after the jump.