Cheil Worldwide Creates ‘Piano of Unification’ for Korean Ministry of Unification

By Erik Oster 

In one of the stranger campaigns you’re likely to see today, Cheil Worldwide teamed up with music group Gong Myung, the Seoul Museum of Art, the National Chorus of Korea and Samick Cultural Foundation to create a piano out of barbed wire from the inter-Korean border for the non-profit Korean Ministry of Unification.

The “Piano of Unification” is meant as a symbol uniting North and South Korea through a piece representing their division, the barbed wire from the broder of North and South Korea. It took Gong Myung three months to create the instrument, with the video above showing the process in action. Turning the creation of the instrument into a kind of music itself, the mesmerizing footage shows Gong Myung hammering and banging away until the piano is complete. The video ends by inviting viewers to “Sing in unity with the symbol of division” at the Seoul Museum of Art from July 21 through September 20.

“As it is a sound made with a symbol of division, the Piano of Unification has a significant meaning in terms of history and music,” National Chorus of Korea art director Koo Chun told Campaign. “Like Piano of Unification brings music out from the rough piece of iron, I will play the piano with a hope of realizing our long-cherished dream upon this divided country.”