Cheil UK Builds Camera-Bot for Samsung

By Erik Oster 

Inspired by the Mars exploration rovers, Cheil UK built a “web user-controlled camera-bot, the first of its kind, called the NX Rover, for Samsung to showcase the unique connectivity of the Galaxy NX Camera.” Needless to say, it’s pretty badass.

To demonstrate the Galaxy NX’s capabilities, Cheil UK is sending the NX Rover on an international trip to “a series of extraordinary places and events.” Planned stops include London Super Comic Convention, an FC Bayern Munich training session, on-location in Iceland, and an after-hours visit to a major London museum. Samsung will also be giving interested parties the opportunity to take control of the NX Rover and snap shots with the Galaxy NX camera. To accomplish this, Cheil “built an interface which will give users real time control of the camera via a ‘point and click’ function.” Users can also control the arm of the Rover which can extend up to 2m high. Among the other Rover functions are up/down movement of the arm, 360-degrees pan and tilt/pivot of the camera, as well as focus and zoom.

“We wanted to reignite the spirit of adventure and put the NX in to the hands of the photographers everywhere, and do it in a way that did justice to this game-changing product,” says Cheil UK COO Matt Pye. “Through the NX Rover keen photographers will have the opportunity to see and capture some of the world’s most interesting places and characters in an entirely new way.”

If you’d like to try out the NX Rover experience yourself, head on over to Samsung’s microsite and check it out.