Cheat Your Way to the AICP Awards (Not Really)

By Jordan Teicher 

The Association of Independent Commercial Producers unveiled it’s campaign for the 2013 AICP Show and AICP Next Awards with a few spots that resemble fake interstitials from a sci-fi movie most likely directed by James Cameron. The machines aren’t taking over, but we do have EureeCorp, the make-believe company with a line of products like the Idea Orb, which can transmit award-winning ideas to your brain as you sleep.

If the Idea Orb doesn’t inspire collusion, there’s always the Centaurus 3000, a computer full of magical software and algorithms that produces a scent where you “can waft in the ideas of the future.” Okay, the machines might be taking over, and those machines really like detached body parts.


This AICP campaign doesn’t have as much bite as some of their previous, more carnivorous work, but success can’t always be duplicated. After all, innovation has no formula. Credits and the Centaurus 3000 spot after the jump.

The AICP Show: BOOYAH! – If You’ve Got, Show it.

VCU BrandCenter: Concept

Parker Bell: Art Director

Christina Chen: Developer

Video: Station Film

Joseph Biancaniello: Cameraman

Anthony Rescigno:  Cameraman/Editor

Adam Richards: Producer/Cameraman

Additional Video: STORY

Mark Androw: Executive Producer

Cliff Grant: Executive Producer

John Komnenich: Director

Title Design: Brand New School

Music: COPILOT Strategic Music + Sound

Composer: Ravi Krishnaswami

Executive Producer: Jason Menkes

Audio Mix:  by Color

Kevin Halpin: Audio Mixer/Partner

Josh Abbey: Audio Mixer /Partner

Jeff Rosner: Executive Producer/Partner

Josh Heilbronner: Technical Producer


THE AICP NEXT AWARDS: Innovation Has No Formula

Agency: VCU Brandcenter

Copywriters: Gary L. Baker II; Zac Milner

Art Directors: Zack Madrigal; Cory Tyler Bowles

Creative Technologist: John Briney

Production Company: Schrom & Company

Director / Cameraman: Michael Schrom

Executive Producer: Carl Sturges

Production Manager: Pamela Crawshaw

Design & Post Production: Ladies & Gentlemen

Creative Director: Christopher Fung

Designer / Compositor: Marco Giampaolo

Animator: Tiffany Chung

Executive Producer: Jojo Mu

Music & Sound Design: Yessian Music

Composer: Yessian Music

Sound Designer: Scotty Gatteño

Producer: Mike Dragovic

Executive Producer: Marlene Bartos

Chief Creative Officer: Brian Yessian