Charmin Tries to Incite a Bathroom-Based Movement

By Michael Musco 

Never mind that those ads featuring bears that can’t wipe properly are odd enough. Charmin now is on a mission to start a movement, we’re sure pun is intended, in which the entire nation can enjoy a “better bathroom experience.”

Here’s a choice statement:  “We’re calling it the Charmin Go Nation. It’s made up of people who actually enjoy going to the bathroom because they have Charmin bathroom tissue. We want you to get behind our movement.”


The goal of “Go Nation” is to round up a small army of  representatives who “Enjoy the Go.” From those who enter by either in-person casting call or going online, registering and submitting a two-minute video where they’re answering a few questions,  five top reps will be chosen with one taking home $50,000 at a finale event in NYC. Ladies and gentlement, the theater of the absurd will stay open a bit longer. All the info you need is here.

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