Charlie Rose and the Floating Citgola

By Matt Van Hoven 

Charlie Rose has been talking too much for like, a decade or something. His nightly interviews with the best (and sometimes worst) thinkers, writers, journalists, pundits and jackasses are a staple for PBS &#151 and help us understand why we’re not politicians.

We mention the show today because during last night’s broadcast, we noticed something interesting. Not quite sure how it went unnoticed for so long…Take a peek at the above image. We can’t recall the curmudgeonly looking woman’s name, but then again it isn’t really important. Just off her left shoulder is a Citgo sign. There’s a giant Citgo sign just like that one in Boston, so we assume that’s where this image is from.

Bloomberg lists Charlie Rose’s “major” underwriters as Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Cisco Systems, and DLJ direct. So why then does Citgo get a huge sign in the background? Couldn’t the production guys reposition said curmudgeon so she’s blocking the sign? Wethinks yes.

Question: is there a conflict when one of the most influential American public talk shows airs the logo of one of the world’s richest oil companies during a conversation about the DNC?

Curmudgeon=Doris Kearns Goodwin. Thanks NM.