CEO Colasanti To Leave Carmichael Lynch

By SuperSpy 

CEO of Carmichael Lynch, John Colasanti, is out the door as of April 1 according to Adweek. Mike Lescarbeau, president and CCO, and Mark Feriancek, CFO and COO, will be taking over at that point.

This must be an amicable split, because no one hangs around for another four months if the shit has hit the fan. After fifteen years, Colasanti is supposedly “considering brand marketing opportunities outside of the agency.” Whatever that means. Sometimes, you just need a change of venue. Congrats to Colasanti for fifteen years of hard work. You’re free dude!


The agency recently cut 5% of its staff. However, the agency still holds Subaru beneath its belt which is one of the few car makers to be posting a profit this year. Our guess is that $150M account ain’t going anywhere, which will certainly help the shop weather the storm.

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