CE Loses Michelin to TBWA NY

By Matt Van Hoven 

Remember back in May when Parker and Tribble posted about Michelin being a hop-skip from bailing on Campbell Ewald?

In case you forgot and didn’t want to click away, here’s George’s words on the matter.


Word from one of my “Mo-Town” deep throats is that Campbell Ewald is about to kiss the Michelin account goodbye. Don’t have the hard facts just yet… But they will hopefully be coming down the motorway soon. Having said that, I am sure I will momentarily have a couple of emails from Bill Ludwig asking why I am being mean and ganging up on Campbell Ewald again…

So there that is. Over this weekend we learned that TBWA NY was “handed” the Michelin account, and by handed…well I think we all know what that means.

So for Campbell Ewald, what does this mean? At least three people will be lost and we’ll definitely have to announce that layoff. After all, that’s all we cover anymore, eh RT?

Update: Wolk raises an interesting question, maybe you can answer. Does Chiat NY have the creative staff?