CCCP Amsterdam Revealed As ‘Liquid Mountaineering’ Creator

By Bob Marshall 

By now, we all know that “Liquid Mountaineering,” though awesome looking, is totally fake. In the real world, guys that ruggedly handsome spend their time starring in commercials instead of attempting to run on water. Also, they all look way too sober for guys that routinely hang out outside and do stupid things. This is why, as we figured out, it was an advertisement for Hi-Tec’s apparent “water-repelling” shoe capabilities.

Well, now we know who was responsible for the video (which has totaled almost 4.5 million plays on YouTube since its release a little more than a month ago). CCCP Amsterdam deserves the credit for their gem of a viral video, as well as all of the lawsuits that follow when copycats drown attempting to mimic their new wetsuit-clad heroes.


Via Agency Record

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