Cashmere Agency, Grey Call on Viewers to Divest from Gun Industry

By Erik Oster 

Snoop Dogg stars in a celebrity PSA Cashmere Agency and Grey New York put together for Unload Your 401k, No Guns Allowed and States United to Prevent Gun Violence.

In addition to Snoop, the spot, entitled “#ImUnloading,” also features Bobby Wagner of the Seattle Seahawks and Matt Barnes of the Los Angeles Clippers; actress/singer Margot Bingham; singer/songwriter/producer Aloe Blacc; singer/songwriter Jhené Aiko; and League Of Young Voters’ Executive Director, Dr. Rob Biko Baker. Snoop opens the PSA by talking about how he’s been affected by gun violence over the years through “deaths of friends, family members and associates,” followed by other celebrities sharing their own stories. The spot then informs viewers that “Over 51 million people have a retirement portfolio that’s likely invested in guns.” and asks “Is your 401k one of them?” For the remainder of the spot, Snoop and company calling on viewers to assess their 401k and divest from the gun industry and to speak with friends and family about doing the same.

There are plenty of gun violence PSAs around, but “#ImUnloading” takes a unique approach. Rather than preach about the dangers of gun violence in service of gun safety reform and attempt to convert viewers to a point of view, it calls on those already interested in such action to examine their own financial investments, which may be contributing to the gun industry.

“There is a straight line from gun industry investment, to gun industry profits, to funding of the NRA. Half the value of these companies comes from mutual funds and most of the ‘investors’ in these funds have no idea they are inadvertently part of the problem. Now they can be part of the solution,” explained Jennifer Fiore, executive director of Campaign to Unload, in a statement.

“It is long past time for government to act to reduce the epidemic of gun violence in America, but it is also long past time when we can believe that they will,” added Julia Wyman, executive director of States United. “Americans want change and thanks to our partners in this effort, more Americans will be aware of their economic power to take power into their own hands.”