Carrot Creative Brings You a Very Instagram-y Christmas

By Bob Marshall 

And the holiday card floodgates open. DUMBO-based social media agency Carrot Creative, otherwise known as the “first” full-service social media agency,” is again utilizing the hip technology of the moment for its annual wintertime effort.

Last year, Carrot opted for its holiday greetings to materialize via an easy-to-make Xtranormal video, which, though a somewhat popular medium at the time, Kiran noted was going to be pretty played out by mid-January 2011 (if it wasn’t already). This time around, Carrot is using a slightly more “timeless” technology to get its message across, using Apple’s (and GE’s) favorite photo-sharing app, Instagram.


Carrot’s “Instacheer” site seems like a simple enough concept: Illustrate an animated outdoor winter scene, add Instagram photos to the center of falling snowflakes, and filter those photos through holiday-themed hashtags like #Santa, #Noel, #menora and, for Seinfeld fans and non-religious types, #festivus. Bam – instant holiday cheer.