Carmichael Lynch, Subaru Bring Daddy Issues to New Spot

By Jordan Teicher 

Just as the movie industry hits the boredom wall after New Year’s, the ad industry has really seemed to stall out since the Super Bowl. Makes sense: big budgets used up on Rob Riggle psuedo-celebrity endorsements and Stephen Colbert pistachio suits. What we have now is the calm after the storm, best exemplified by Carmichael Lynch’s new “Best Dad” spot for Subaru.

“Best Dad” is a simple 30-second clip that positions Subaru as the sweater-wearing dad of car brands, which is a fairly accurate representation, but maybe not the most tantalizing choice for an ad campaign. Take this recent video, for example, of a small Subaru sedan towing a Dodge Charger police cruiser out of the snow as one way to uniquely position the brand, especially in the winter. What Carmichael Lynch chose to produce instead is so typical that’s it’s hard to remember what happened 30 seconds ago. All car brands mention awards in their commercials. Motor Trend and J.D. Power and Associates give out awards the way Little Leagues give out trophies. Even if the message stays the same, at least try to present it in a fresh way. Just try, that’s all I ask.


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Agency: Carmichael Lynch

Chief Creative Officer: Dave Damman

Executive Creative Director: Randy Hughes

Writer, Associate Creative Director: Conn Newton

Art Director, Associate Creative Director: Michael Rogers

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Senior Content Producer: Jennifer David

Director of Business Affairs: Vicki Oachs

Account Service Team: David Eiben, Krista Kelly, Greta Hughes

Director of Project Management: Jennifer Abbey



Production Company: Furlined

Director: Brian Aldrich

Executive Producer: David Thorne

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Director of Photography: Bryan Newman



Edit House: Whitehouse Post NYC

Editor: Stephen Jess

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