Carmichael Lynch CD Designs TIME Cover

By Bob Marshall 

From Carmichael Lynch CD Brock Davis comes this striking front cover for the October 10th issue of TIME, which hit newsstands next week. Last Friday, TIME asked Davis to submit artwork for their issue about America’s great spending divide, and Davis’ winning concept features an image of the magazine torn in half.

Given limited time to submit his concept, Davis apparently had to get creative for designing said cover. As his Minneapolis-based agency describes in its announce, “Davis had only a day to shoot and composite the entire image. In order to shoot a stack of cash, he had to get creative. He cut down 2,500 sheets of copy paper to resemble a stack of hundred dollar bills. Being resourceful he hammered down some of his son’s chalk to create a powder and mixed it until the hue matched. Davis then took his wife’s makeup brush and dusted the powder over the stack of fake money. Now Davis had the shot he needed and took an X-acto knife and made the slice across the TIME cover. To create the visual depth of the center split, he glued multiple magazines together and sliced and frayed their edges and lit them from the side to give it some dimension and shadow.”

We also like that it can be seen as a subtle comment on the value of print magazines these days. A hat tip to Davis for what’s sure to be the most visually stunning cover of TIME we’ve seen in a long while. Watch TIME‘s managing editor Richard Stengel reveal the cover on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” after the jump.

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