Carhartt Stokes Michigan State Pride with ‘Hands in the Mitten’

By Erik Oster 

Detroit-based, family-owned and operated apparel company Carhartt collaborated with former agency creatives to create an in-house online video examining what makes Michigan unique.

Entitled “Hands in the Mitten” the 4:27 video asks “What Makes Michigan?” and whether Michigan came pure or was built that way, investigating Michigan landmarks and interviewing natives before arriving at the answer. The video’s tone and message are reminiscent of McCann’s award-winning “Pure Michigan” campaign, but stretched out over several minutes. It does a lot to hammer home Carhartt’s status as a local company, in a state that takes a lot of pride in itself and keeping business within the state. “Hands in the Mitten” is well done, offering a look at many different parts of the state, even if its run time could have been cut a little bit. Credits after the jump.



Advertised brand: Carhartt

Advert title(s): Hands in the Mitten

Advertising Agency: Carhartt

Agency website:

Creative Director: Brian Bennett

Art Director: Ron Harper

Copywriter: John Wargo


Travis Yarrington Published: February 2014