CarGurus Drive Into Homes to Offer More Mobile Services

By Kyle O'Brien 

Car shopping and selling online marketplace CarGurus is offering more services that customers can enjoy from the comfort of home, and the convenience is highlighted by representatives from the site driving right into people’s homes in a new campaign.

Working with agency VIA, CarGurus developed a campaign, “Do More From Home,” with a series of humorous spots that show the ease of using the CarGurus app to help consumers find more cars with more data and more insights, giving them choices and information on how to buy and sell cars.

The ad “Family” shows harried parents who are trying to organize their life and kids and therefore putting off car shopping. The CarGurus then drive into their living room to highlight that the brand enables consumers to prequalify for financing, value trade-ins and shop from cars that can be delivered right to their driveway.

In “Moving,” the Gurus drive in as a woman looks to sell her car online, while in “We Need Space,” a man who hears that his partner needs space is comforted to know that it’s just space in their home he needs from the intrusive CarGurus who drive right in over the carpet.

“Our new Gurus perfectly capture the techy, helpful personality of our brand overall and of our talented employees who are dedicated to giving consumers more when buying or selling a car,” Sarah Welch, CMO at CarGurus said in a statement. “We’re also so excited to leverage this campaign to introduce our compelling new features allowing consumers to do more of car buying and selling from the comfort of home through CarGurus.”

Chris Avantaggio, art director at VIA, added in a statement: “We aimed to create work that would not only breakthrough the category but educate consumers on CarGurus smarts, science and scale. By casting our duo of Gurus, we were able to bring the brand to life in playful and unexpected ways, while also creating a campaign that’s unmistakably CarGurus.”