Canuck Shop Brandfire Questions Your Ability to Stick to Those ‘Drynuary’ Resolutions

By Patrick Coffee 

We’re only three days in, and 2019 feels so old already. Kellogg has a new CMO!

Something tells us, though, that at least a few of you are still planning on keeping your resolutions. Those brave people who got up at 6 AM on Tuesday to run off a partial hangover and kept it going all the way ’til Thursday? Excelsior to you!


Then there’s the perennial favorite: Drynuary. It’s for those of us who enjoyed the sauce a little too much in 2018, according to our GPs and the sour taste we had in our mouths after that too-long holiday break spent hanging with the in-laws, drinking the cheap stuff, and listening to Anita Baker’s take on Frosty for the seventh or eighth time while sort-of-glancing at some essay about why all the debates about “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” are really just a sign of our PC culture run amok.

Sure, lots of people SAY they’re gonna give up drink for the first month of the year. But how many follow through?

Canadian company Hill Street Beverages wants to encourage you to do just that with the #HillStreetChallenge. It’s pretty basic: you choose your favorite charity and proceed to be super annoying by reminding all 263 of your followers on social media that you are going dry all month on behalf of that organization. The charity with the most mentions wins $10,000!

In case that wasn’t clear and/or entertaining enough, Brandfire of Toronto and production company Someplace Nice created a series of spots offering different takes on that strangest of states: sobriety.

We always did like a nice prostate joke.

You may notice that all the people and/or mammals in these ads appear to be drinking. But that’s the catch: Hill Street’s products are alcohol-free. Or they’re 0.5 percent, so they qualify, hence this final spot.

So how’s the challenge going? We see a fair number of hashtags, and Prostate Cancer Canada appears to be in the lead.

But we just want you all to know that Drynuary isn’t an absolute thing where you’re disqualified after one six pack or night off the wagon. And you could just switch to weed beverages without even changing brands.

Pete Henderson directed the campaign.