Canned or Cannes?

By Matt Van Hoven 

We will not be going to Cannes this year. It’s a sad reality that we’ve come to grips with &#151 oh and we’re in a wedding, so it wasn’t really possible anyway. Nonetheless some of you will make the trip and blow a bunch of cash on lavish hotels, caviar, champagne, hookers and blow &#151 only to sleep through the awards ceremony. Just be sure to wipe the nose candy off your lower nostril before staggering in.

In these tough times, we wonder whether the American ad community will make its usual debauched appearance at the festival. Let’s be blunt for a moment and list a few agencies that should not be there. We’re basing this list off Jim Edwards’ (of B|Net) comprehensive list of agencies worst hit by layoffs.


1. Campbell Ewald
2. BBDO Detroit
3. Enfatico (lack of work > lack of money)

Sure, there’s others and sure, these shops will still (probably) be at the show. But, as with holiday parties, shops that have dropped any more than five percent of staff should probably stay away from dropping mad money at Cannes. Though, winning an award or two would definitely help an ailing shop. Dilemma!

Who’s up for SXSW? We’d rather give our hard earned money back to the hippies down there in Austin (we love y’all!) than the folks in Francie pants. Isolationism, ho!

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