Campfire Made Jessica Gottliib an Action Figure and All We Got Was This Stupid Postcard

By Matt Van Hoven 

As part of a campaign for CMT’s Adventure Country push, New York agency Campfire sent blogger Jessia Gottlieb a damn action figure that looks exactly like her. What’d they send your favorite neighborhood AgencySpy? A fucking postcard. Thanks guys, now we’re totally not going to promote your client’s new thingy. You’ve officially been snubbed.

Seriously, the main breadth of your work has been executed on the Web, and you sent a mom-blogger her own doll and didn’t think I’d find out about it? This is the Internet, and you have been busted. I like dolls. I have tons of them. But you wouldn’t know because you were too busy hand-crafting Gottleib’s pretty red hair to ask.


Also, I would expect that you not treat AgencySpy like you did your Grammie last year on her Mother’s Day. You can kiss your $12 birthday check goodbye.

Damn kids with your music. -PG

PS, normally we can be bought with ice cream.

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