Campbell Ewald’s Latest Mandate to Laid-off Employees:

By Matt Van Hoven 

We were able to confirm a bit of Campbell Ewald gossip today &#151 the kind that will make their management team regret instating the “policy” we’re about to share with you.

Ah hem. Drum roll, damnit. CE management has told recently laid-off employees not to speak with current colleagues, even if only to request a reference.


So not only has the agency taken away its employees’ livelihoods, it also doesn’t want them to, ah, get another job. Way to go, douchebags!

We’ve firmed up this rumor with more than a few spies as well as our lead agent within CE’s walls. At least one other lay-off-ee was asked by HR not to even speak with his former colleagues, let alone ask for a referral.

Check out another tip and some great anti-loose-lip posters after the jump.

This tip made us feel a warm and gushy on the inside.

“Campbell Ewald is in a death spiral. People keep quitting. No hope left. Management has no idea what to do. They spend more time thinking about how you’re getting info on them than their real problems.”

To show you this is more than just a statement, we did some digging that revealed two more CEers on the Alltel account have jumped ship in the last two weeks. To quote our source, “Everyone who can get out is getting out. But it’s not just Alltel.” More on which other accounts are losing their crew, later.

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