Callaway Explores the Mental Side of Golf in Video Series

By Kyle O'Brien 

Famed golfer Jack Nicklaus has been quoted as saying, “The game of golf is 90% mental and 10% physical.” Considering how the Olympics have shone a light on the mental wellbeing of athletes, a new video series by golf brand Callaway is timely as it highlights the 90% mental side of the game.

Created in partnership with Los Angeles agency The Kimba Group, the second installment of a franchise called “The Jump” gets inside the heads of golfers who are about to make their next career jump, and they range from promising young players to budding stars and one top player. Over the five episodes, viewers can be inspired not only by the focus and drive of players like rising Dutch player Anne Van Dam and PGA star Jon Rahm, but also the doubt and determination of 19-year-old Akshay Bhatia.

While golf coverage is often focused on leaderboards and the technicalities of the game, not much is dedicated to the mental aspect of having to be laser focused. With star athletes like Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka recently highlighting the need for balance in their lives and the undue stress created by the pressure to succeed, “The Jump” is a series that lets people inside the pressure the athletes put on themselves and how they deal with trying to be their very best.


“’The Jump’ is a special series because it explores and honors the mental game of golf,” Rebecca Rosoff, co-founder, The Kimba Group, told Adweek. “Callaway understands what many brands are learning now from the Olympics and what’s happening with Simone Biles—you can’t overlook the superhuman amount of focus and dedication it takes to perform at the highest level as a professional athlete. We are celebrating five incredible talents for their courage and their sacrifice.”

In his episode, Rahm described how he rose from physical difficulties as a child to his fame as a college and pro phenom, but how he had not yet made the leap to winning a major championship. Rosoff noted that while they were filming his story, Rahm got his wish by winning the 2021 U.S. Open.

“Shooting the number one golfer in the world three days after winning his first major might have seemed stressful going into the day, but Rahm welcomed us into his home like a friend. We joked that he’s 26 going on 1,000 years old. He’s got the spirit of a champion, but also has the wondrous eyes and determined fire of a young man at his start. Being around that kind of energy is something wild,” Mike Chiavetta, co-founder, The Kimba Group, told Adweek.

On the other side, Bhatia is seen living with his sister, girlfriend and caddy as he continues his dream of being a top player, being both humble about his failures and determined to get better.

Other players profiled are Will Gordon and well-traveled South African player Erik Van Rooyen, both looking to make career jumps. All films show the mental focus that goes beyond just being a good player, but also a grounded person with big dreams.

The Kimba Group has been working with Callaway for several years, extending the brand story to show the sides of golf and golfers not always seen by the public, uncovering interesting human stories along the way.